Shelter was originally developed to protect us and shield us from nature and its potential harshness. I believe it is important to make an asserted effort to reconnect with nature to blur the lines between inside and outside, while still providing the core purpose of shelter. We believe it is essential to reconnect with nature and preserve natural beauty as much as possible by creating a space which effortlessly connects to its surrounding environment.


Every project starts with a journey of discovery (we call it Predesign). There are many factors that drive the parameters of a project. Every project has a unique and exciting set of parameters. As we work with you, we discover these parameters by analyzing the site and how we can best relate to your desires for the space and the elements of the surrounding area.


We develop a list of restraints, as well as possibilities and opportunities. These restraints will vary from your wants and needs to the site conditions as well as any regulatory restrictions.


We believe it’s very important to start off by understanding who you are, what you are most passionate about and how you want to live. Our job is to translate what you do, how you think and feel as well as how you want to experience the world every day into a space that really reflects your values.


We ask you the questions that will get you thinking about the way you desire to live, and those answers will help inform the overall design, as well as the types of space and the feeling pace gives you.


We analyze your site and look for opportunities to implement a design strategy that best meets your needs to represent who you are.


We work with you to develop a list of spaces that should be included, as well as how you see yourself using the spaces.


We look at the existing conditions of your site and analyze the building code and city requirements.


We communicate with you effectively and efficiently regarding schedule and budgeting.



There is an endless number of potential solutions for your site. Our job is to understand your needs as well as the opportunities your site presents and narrow this down to the solution, or concept, that will best fit your unique needs.  We look for inspiration in everyday life, whether it’s a sunset from a unique vantage point, a sacred tree or a book that carries special meaning. We can use these elements as inspiration to drive the design.


 We do this in a phase called Schematic Design.


In this phase, we develop design options which will help facilitate a discussion about how you see yourself living and interacting with space. This process builds on all the information gathered in the previous phase. This will be presented to you in a combination of two-dimensional plans, sections, elevations, perspective renderings, and 3-D Digital models. We use these representational tools to tell a story about your project and its inspiration.


At this point, you can choose one of the designs to move forward with or we take the parts that you like from each design and create a final iteration which combines those concepts into one cohesive design.



This step is where we refine the design, exploring together the spatial and functional elements of your project to best suit your needs. This is also where we bring in consultants from the construction team as well as our engineers and city officials. We begin working to refine the budget, as well as methods of construction, to make the design a reality. This early stage of collaboration is vital to maintain the design intent, project budget, code requirements, and sustainability goals. Starting this process early helps foresee and solve many potential problems that may come along in the process.



These are the documents generally referred to as plans or blueprints. This set of drawings include everything we need to obtain a (building permit) for construction. They also will be what you need to show a lender to establish your (appraisal value.) The contractor will also use these drawings to start the (bidding process) with subcontractors.


It is basically a book of instructions for the contractor to understand the design intent.


We work closely with the engineers, contractor, and city to develop the plans, drawings, details and specifications we need for this document.


We then assist the contractor in pulling the building permit, processing bids and answering any questions the contractor or city may have.



This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. The contractor has all of their approvals. Every inch of your dream home has been thought of, considered, deliberately chosen and ready to become a reality. The contractor begins construction and we, as the architect, continue to collaborate with the contractor throughout the process, visiting the site when we feel it’s needed, answering questions and issuing clarification drawings as necessary to ensure the desired result that you’ve dreamed of is realized.


At the end of this process, after one final check by the architect and the city, your project is complete. What an exciting culmination of many of your thoughts, hopes and wishes over the past several months! Our dream is realized when you’re beyond satisfied with the work we’ve put in together as your dream home is now ready for you to move into, to enhance with furniture and décor and new spaces for countless memories to be made.