Visualizations of the architectural design process sometimes lead to more confusion than clarity. We have created, tested & refined our process with our clients over & over again–because we believe that every architecture project is an opportunity to improve our process. You will not experience stale, stuffy or boring design work– we keep our projects & our partnerships invigorated with thought & a thorough use of the latest design technology because that’s what designing for tomorrow means to us. 

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We create an inspiring plan for the overall specific piece of land concerning future usage. We help clients generate their program and find the highest and best use for their property. 


An example of this process, this site had a very unique shape and considerations such as the highway that wraps behind the site as well as the new transit stop adjacent to the property. This site presented some unique challenges which resulted in creative solutions.

We started with pulling the back corner of the site up to help protect the property from the highway and use its unique location within the city to create an iconic, mountain-like façade.

We then looked at adding 25,000 square feet of retail to the project to spur community engagement and activate the street frontage.

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As we added the retail, we pushed the courtyard down to create view corridors for the building as well as a public park engaged with the retail space and the new train stop.

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Safely engaging the building's architecture with the public domain allows for a better urban experience for all. We studied in great detail where pedestrians would arrive at the site, establishing nodes where they would land, gently inviting them into the courtyard, and directing them towards the retail shops.

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Well-designed architecture can help manage traffic and create safe and efficient parking spaces. We then studied the traffic flow and how people may approach and enter the building. We created a separation from the pedestrian realm through a tunnel that brings pedestrians into the parking garage. These design decisions create a safer built environment while also hiding the vehicles from sight.

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We know that good architecture can play a role in creating a sense of community, promoting social interaction, and enhancing the quality of life. Begin the massing of the building with the garage as the foundation of the project.

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We create architecture that uses the overall shape of a building to inform the uses of the spaces within and vice versa. Next, we added the retail space to the edges of the site to define the anchors and promote street engagement.

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We then added 140,000 square feet of office space. Proximity to the airport and easy access to the highway made this site a perfect location for the growing tech office industry.

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We then added 287,000 square feet of hotel. This allows business travelers that are meeting at the office adjacent to the hotel a short commute across the courtyard to do their business and finish it with a coffee in the lower retail space. The proximity to the airport is also a great asset for the site. This would be a perfect place to plan your business trip with the transit stop on the ground floor.

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Strategically placed locations in a structure offer occupants a particular view allowing connection with surroundings and a sense of place and orientation. As you can see to the left the transit stop arrives just outside of the building and to the right you can see the meandering park entrance that takes you into the courtyard.

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The corner retail space becomes a hub and landing area for recent travelers office goers and the neighborhood returning from their daily activities.

Never an after-thought, we see every facade as a way to control daylight, ventilation, and views, while also changing the appearance of an otherwise affordable building solution.  Using the balconies as a sole point of articulation this gives the building the look of extravagance while the wall behind with similar sized windows and stacking structure makes this an affordable although unique place to experience.

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Peering down on the courtyard from your balcony can invoke the excitement of what your day has to hold for you what will you find to explore in this new environment. this building is a launching pad for your day your creativity and can invoke feelings of great things to come.

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Any city. Any state. Our feasibility studies explore the possibilities for any site.

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We can quickly and easily create accurate documentation of the site, including all current conditions, deficiencies, and potential improvements.


We keep our projects and our partnerships invigorated with thought and a thorough use of the latest design technology because that’s what designing for tomorrow means to us. 


We’ve found the best way to create, manage, and share architectural documentation.


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