Why are we as a service-industry still using old, archaic means & methods of communicating construction details? We’ve found the best way to create, manage, and share architectural documentation. With DOT-Architecture, we create 3D models and sheets that are accurate and easy to understand. DOT-Architecture makes it simple to keep your multi-family housing project’s documentation up to date, so you can always be confident in our work. What other firms see as a liability in knowledge-sharing, we see as a missed opportunity that we take ultimate advantage of  - because we know there is power in information & sharing. 

We design primarily in 3D this gives us the unique ability to document in three dimensions as well, seeing the three-dimensional drawing next to the two-dimensional drawing adds depth and allows you to understand the depth of the elements and in turn better understand the geometry of the building.

As you can see in this example, the roofline has two different conditions, one that overhangs and one that is flush in the two-dimensional drawing. They look the same and could lead to costly mistakes and change orders. Simply adding the three-dimensional model to the drawings can alleviate these expensive mistakes.

We also take advantage of the ability to create 3 dimensional floor plans which can help solve similar problems as the elevations adding context and detail too the interior spaces

20050 - 1625 N Temple Multi-Family_v21_Page_35.jpg
20050 - 1625 N Temple Multi-Family_v21_Page_36.jpg
20050 - 1625 N Temple Multi-Family_v21_Page_59.jpg

the advanced modeling techniques we utilize in our process allow us to generate three-dimensional details as well these give new meaning to a line work that may have been missed in a two dimensional drawing and adds depth to allow you to fully understand the condition.


Any city. Any state. Our feasibility studies explore the possibilities for any site.

Existing Conditions

We can quickly and easily create accurate documentation of the site, including all current conditions, deficiencies, and potential improvements.


We keep our projects and our partnerships invigorated with thought and a thorough use of the latest design technology because that’s what designing for tomorrow means to us. 


We’ve found the best way to create, manage, and share architectural documentation.

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Our use of 3D models speeds up the building permitting process and saves time and money for our clients.


A technology-first approach that’s unique in the industry.


Our details are different. Let us show you how. 


Our developed models can act like product manuals.